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If you are starting a new business, let’s say you will need an important licence, which is Shop act Licence or it is called a Gumasta License. Basically in India when you start any type of the business with physical shop then business requires the Shop Act Licence/Gumasta license from your state authority.

Gumasta License was introduced to look after the employee’s rights and another establishment in the jurisdiction. It is necessary to apply for Gumasta while establishing a shop, hotel or any other commercial place. It also helps to regulate the betterment of employee such as in which condition does he works, payment, rules and provide maximum benefits for the employees.

The shop and establishment registration should contain following details such as the name of the employer and manager, the name of the establishment, nature of the business, number of workers and such other details as may be prescribed. The Facilitator shall issue to the employer of such Shop establishment a receipt of intimation in such form and manner as may be prescribed.

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Reply to queries raised by office and get digitally signed Shop Act License with LegalDocs. LegalDocs help and consult for Application documentation and approval from concerned authorities. We offer three Easy Steps to get Online Shop Act Licence.


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