One Person Company Registration

A one person company is a company which contains exactly one member. It is a separate legal entity from its promoter and the promoter has limited liability.

Entrepreneurs who are capable of starting a venture on their own can make use of one person company (OPC) in India. In one person company, there is only one shareholder who is an Indian citizen and Indian resident i.e. stayed in India for at least 182 days in the preceding year.

Shareholder nominates another person as a nominee in case of death or incapacity of the shareholder. One person company was introduced in the companies act in 2013 to encourage self-employment. You can not incorporate more than one person company or be a nominee of more than one OPC. Rules of OPC company do not permit Non-Banking Financial Institutions.

An affidavit from every subscriber of the memorandum (i.e. members) and first directors, if any, that they have not been convicted of any offence in relation to the formation or management of any company, or have not been found guilty of any fraud or any breach of duty to any company during preceding five years. One Person Company in India is a separate legal entity from its promoter, offering limited liability protection to its sole shareholder.

How it's Done

Purchase of Plan


DSC Application


Filing E-Forms with ROC


Receipt of Incorporation Certificate


One Person Company Features

Limited Liability Protection to Directors, personal assets

Many times startups need to borrow money and take things on credit. In the case of normal Partnerships, Partners personal savings and property would be at risk in case business is not able to repay its loans.

Helps for Testing of Business Model and Enables Funding

The OPC business helps Startup Entrepreneurs to easily test their business model, and upon building a marketable product, they can approach Angel investors, Venture capitalists for funding and easily convert their OPC into multi shareholder Private Limited company.

Better image and credibility in Market

In India, OPC is a Private limited company, which is a popular and well-known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Company instead of proprietorship firms.

Complete Control of the Company with a Single Owner

This leads to fast decision making and execution. Yet OPC can appoint as many as 15 directors for administrative functions, without giving any share to them.

Easy to raise funds and loans

OPC is one of the easiest forms of corporate entities to manage. Very few ROC filing is to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). No need to conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other regular compliances.

Easy to Sell OPC

OPC Company is easy to sell, very less documentation and cost is involved in selling a One Person company.

Information Guide

    • Filing of E-forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
    • Digital Signature Certificates
    • Name approval (RUN – Reserve Unique Name)
    • Filing of SPICe form
    • Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA)
    • PAN Application
    • TAN Application
    • The issue of Certificate of Incorporation
    • Includes Govt Fees & Stamp duty for Authorized Capital up to Rs. 1 Lakh except for the states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala
    • Excludes foreign national or Foreign Body Corporate as a director OR businesses that need approval from RBI, SEBI or IRDA for incorporation

    • Passport size photos of directors
    • Address proof of directors
    • Photo ID proof of directors
    • Specimen signature
    • Self-declaration about your directorship in other companies
    • Rent agreement of your registered office
    • No objection certificate from the owner of the property of the property
    • PAN card
    • Photo ID and Address proof of nominee

    • Entrepreneurs who wish to form a company with limited liability
    • Proprietorship firm looking to get status of a company

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